Tips for Package Theft Prevention

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just days away and shoppers are eager for the great deals they may find online. With this increase in deliveries to residential addresses, the potential for theft also increases. As the holiday shopping season kicks off, we want to provide members of the public with some crime prevention tips so their holidays aren’t spoiled.

  • Know when your packages will be arriving by monitoring tracking information available by the shipping company.
  • Ask your trusted neighbor to watch for the delivery of packages and to hold them until you return home.
  • If you are not home during the day, consider having your items delivered to your workplace or to a trusted neighbor. Some shipping companies also allow you to hold a package at their facility for pick-up.
  • Elect for in-store pickup, if available.
  • Require a signature to be obtained for the delivery to avoid the package being left on your doorstep.
  • Be vigilant in your neighborhood. If you witness suspicious vehicles or people following delivery trucks, call police. A good description and license plates are very helpful to law enforcement.
  • Install surveillance cameras around your home. The mere presence of cameras may deter a thief, but can also help law enforcement solve the crime.
  • If sending a package to someone, let them know it’s coming so they can be on the lookout.

Following these simple tips can substantially reduce the risk that you will become a victim this holiday season.


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