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ife is unpredictable with animals.  They open our eyes to what is important, gift us laughter and remind us to “paws” and value the small things.  Enjoy the following four tales that illustrate how crazy life can become when you open your door to an animal.

 Franck has been hand-feeding peanuts to a squirrel, Coco, since 2015 at his home in mountainous Sunshine Valley, B.C.. Recently the little animal did something extraordinary illustrating its intelligence.

 Franck Ph. D., works long into the night creating high level software for worldwide business applications. Afterwards, he sleeps well into the morning. Sometimes, Coco comes in through his bedroom window looking for him when he does not appear early enough, so Franck keeps a few peanuts handy for such occasions.

 One very cold morning, when no windows or doors were open, the squirrel wanted his treats, but the bedroom window was closed.

 Franck was slowly brought to consciousness by several light touches to his face. He opened his eyes, and there was Coco, sitting inches from his eyes. The bright squirrel had found a way to get in, through some unknown gap, found his way to Franck, and awakened him by gently touching his face with his paw. If there is one thing Franck relates to, it is a “calculating” intelligence that is used wisely. Naturally, Coco received several extra nuts as a reward!

 More along the lines of a crazy miracle is the tale about Franck’s wife’s (Ila) friend, Victoria, who is a vet specializing in animal pathologies in the farming community of Abbotsford, B.C..  Victoria was given a rooster that fell in love with her little white hen. “Many people have documented,” said Ila, a naturalist and bird expert, “that birds fall in love.”  The enamored feathered couple were always together, until the one night when Victoria was especially concerned that the hen was missing. As darkness fell, Victoria searched, but sadly, found the hen drowned in the horse’s trough.

 “Feeling terrible,” said Ila, “my friend took the wet bird home where she noticed that the icy cold hen was still flexible, even though she must have drowned a good while before.

 Victoria proceeded to give her rooster’s best friend little mouth-to-beak breaths. She also moved and massaged its spindly legs. After five minutes, the hen unbelievably took a gulp of air, and revived! Five hours later, the hen was back to normal, and the next day, the love affair between her and the rooster continued!”

 The next cute tale is from Cottage Grove’s city employee, Russ’s, granddaughter, Gracie. She proves that “kids say the darnedest things!”

 "When Gracie was four-years-old, we took her to the circus," said Grandpa Russ. “When we returned home to the farm, she marched over to a large tree stump, climbed up on it, and waved her arms wide to her invisible audience proclaiming, ‘Ladies and we have a cat, a dog, and a chicken for your viewing pleasure,’ as she pointed to the animals clustered around her.”

 This next startling tale happened to Christine in Central Point, Oregon as she was folding laundry. “Twin fawns walk into our yard from the woods,” said Christine. “As I gazed at them, I randomly thought, ‘Don’t fall into the pool.’  As soon as I thought that, one of the babies walked over to our ‘cement pond’, peered in, and SPLASH!

 I ran to the sliding doors to assist in a ‘fawn-ectomy’, but the momma deer beat me to it.  The little one was already out of the pool nursing.  Its twin was gawking at its wet and embarrassed sibling as if to say, ‘What in the world was THAT all about, doe-fuss?!’”

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  Does your pet fear your vacuum? Many pets purr-ceive that the machines are growling at them. Sonja, in Cottage Grove, admits, “My cattle dog, Ben, pretends not to mind the vacuum, but he doesn't trust it either, so he ‘safely’ observes it from the couch when it is in operation.”

 And for a final giggle. Animal advocate and comedian, Elayne Boosler, admits that she and her dog were soul mates for the following reasons; “We both took naps, we both skipped lunch, and we both hated the vacuum."

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