Two sports, twice the fun

Paesen Timm, a junior at Cottage Grove High School, has endured the time consuming task of taking part in two sports at once: cross country and soccer. With a season best time of 17:22 minutes in cross country, and his constant goals and assists in soccer, Timm is helping lead his teams to victory. The only flaw with competing in two sports is the amount of time he has to do anything else.

“It helps me learn to manage my time a bit better,” said Timm, “The hardest part would be attending the practices.” Timm also mentioned that, “The meets and games were pretty easy because we only have to worry about one thing on that day.”

The workload that Timm and all of the other athletes at Cottage Grove High School endure is nothing less than immense. They have to juggle practices, games, meets, school work and even a job for some. This task can be extremely difficult and stress inducing at times, and one might wonder why people would want to put themselves through it. The answer for Timm was easy, he wanted to challenge himself and play with his friends in both sports.

Timm has been playing soccer since he was four-years-old and got into running his freshmen year during track season. Until track season of his freshman year, Timm wasn't a runner, but when he told himself that he could push his limits and run with the faster runners and become better and better with every race he ran, he did. Having done sports his whole life, Timm fell into the schedule of running almost instantaneously. Fueling your body with what makes it happy, eating regularly throughout the day and drinking plenty of water; all of these put together led to constant increases in race times for Timm, and kept him in amazing physical shape as he did it. A word of advice that Timm shared is to not procrastinate on work and make sure that you are taking care of everything you need to in school, before you participate in multiple extracurricular activities.

This year, he is finishing up his current cross country season and his current soccer season, which means the choice of doing which sports arises next year, when Timm only has one more year at Cottage Grove High School before he goes on to the “real world” where he can make decisions to steer his life in directions to fit who he is as a person. Timm has three younger siblings, and an older brother. He is very helpful around the house, especially with his little brother, Jaxton.

Timm used to be a basketball player in middle school and his freshman year of high school, but soon realized that when track time rolled around that he could have been training in the winter time when basketball took place. The head track coach at Cottage Grove High School, Ricky Knutson, had agreed to train Timm throughout the winter, leading to Timm seeing drastic changes in his race times.

Being a three sport athlete, Timm still finds time to do some of the things that he loves to in his free time. Timm is constantly going to lunch during school with his friends and enjoying time around them. Timm also sustains substantial grades in school obtaining a spot on the honor role.

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