UPDATED ELECTION SUMMARY: Who won, what passed?

Updated with latest totals

Missed a story on Tuesday night’s election results? The Sentinel has compiled an up-to-date list on races and measure that affect Cottage Grove. Net changes in the city and state include a new East Lane Commissioner, a new Cottage Grove City Councilor and a new law allowing local bonds to fund affordable housing with private entities. The election yielded no other changes; the state will retain its governor, and the district retains its state senator and representatives and four of five proposed measures failed. Italicized names indicate winner. 

Voter turnout:

Statewide: 67.82 percent

Lane County: 69.35 percent

East Lane Commissioner Position 5

Heather Buch: 55.91 percent

Gary Williams: 43.65 percent

Cottage Grove Mayor

Jeff Gowing: 94.95 percent

Write-in: 5.05 percent

Ward 3 Cottage Grove City Council

Candace Lamb-Solesbee 43.02 percent

Jill Hermansen: 24.26 percent

Garland Burback: 19.21 percent

Raymond Ackerman: 12.37 percent

Ward 1 Cottage Grove City Council

Jake Boone: 97.34 percent

Write-in: 2.37 percent

Ward 4 Cottage Grove City Council

Greg Ervin: 97.31 percent

Write-in: 2.66 percent

At-large Cottage Grove City Council

Mike Fleck: 56.27 percent

Ashley Rigel: 42.53 percent

State Representative 7th District

Cedric Hayden: 60.57 percent

Christy Inskip: 39.13 percent

State Senator 4th District

Floyd Prozanski: 60.02 percent

Scott Rohter: 37.69 percent

Frank Lengele: 2.13 percent

U.S. Representative District 4

Peter DeFazio: 56.32 percent

Art Robinson: 40.78 percent

Mike Beilstein: 1.45 percent

Richard Jacobson: 1.32 percent

U.S. Representative District 2

Greg Walden: 56.47 percent

Jamie McLeod-Skinner: 39.37 percent

Mark Roberts: 4.07 percent


Kate Brown: 49.86 percent

Knute Buehler: 44.18 percent

Patrick Starnes: 2.90 percent

Measure 102 which allows local bonds for financing affordable housing with nongovernmental entities: PASSED (55.96% to 44.04%)

Measure 103 which prohibits taxes based on transactions for groceries: FAILED (57.59% to 42.41%)

Measure 104 which requires a three-fifths legislative majority to approve bills that raise revenue: FAILED (65.57% to 34.43%)

Measure 105 which repeals Oregon’s sanctuary state law: FAILED (62.70% to 37.30%)

Measure 106 which prohibits public funds being used for abortion: FAILED (64.15% to 35.85%)

STAR Voting which would change the way county residents vote by adopting a "score then runoff" election method: FAILED (52.71% to 47.29%) 

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