UPDATED: Windows broken at Wolfclan Armory

Just after 5 p.m. on Monday, June 11, Wolfclan Armory was vandalized when three windows were broken on the storefront.

Cottage Grove Police Chief Scott Shepherd identified the suspect as 31-year-old Laura Rose and noted Rose had a Portland address but did not indicate a motive.

“She used a flagpole to break the windows and then walked a short distance and sat down,” Shepherd said.

According to Cottage Grove Police Chief Scott Shepherd, Rose had the phone number for the civil liberties office written on her arm at the time of her arrest. The case has been forwarded to the district attorney's office. 

Owner Jeanette Laskey said she got a call around 5:30 p.m. that there had been an incident at the store. Husband Al Laskey was on scene by 6 p.m. and told The Sentinel he did not know the motive behind Rose’s reported actions. “I do not have a clue. People tend to call us haters but this is the only real hate I’ve seen,” he said.

The business has drawn attention since moving from Creswell to Main Street earlier this year. The Laskey’s son, Jacob, served an 11-year prison sentence for a hate crime after being convicted of throwing swastika-emblazoned rocks through the window of a Eugene synagogue. In January of this year, he was arrested again in connected with a stabbing in Creswell. The Eugene Weekly first reported that Jacob was photographed with members of American Front, a group recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group with roots in the Civil Rights Movement that is tasked with tracking hate groups around the country.

A Facebook profile for the Wolfclan Armory showed posts that questioned the Holocaust and stated that Native Americans were Caucasian. The Laskeys said the Facebook page was run by Jacob and that he did not speak for the Wolfclan Armory. When asked why the page promoted the store and was listed under the store’s name, Jeannette noted that Jacob had created the page. When asked why the page had yet to be taken down as the store readied to open in Cottage Grove, the family said they did not know how to access the page.

The last post made to the page was just prior to Jacob’s January arrest.

A separate Facebook page listed under Jacob Albert Laskey shared the same content and also went dark just prior to the January arrest. However, on May 31, the page published a post noting that Wolfclan Armory would host an opening on Main Street on June 1 of this year and listed business hours. The post was created by Jeannette Laskey. 

A motive for the crime was not reported. 

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