Vaccination rates low in Lane County

The latest data from the Oregon Health Authority reports that child care facilities in Lane County qualify as “most vulnerable” concerning the percentage of students who have received all required vaccinations. Grades K-12 were marked as “moderately vulnerable.”

The report, released earlier this month, classifies districts with less than 80 percent of its students vaccinated as most vulnerable and districts with less than 95 percent of its students vaccinated at moderately vulnerable. Lane County child care facilities—institutions 

that care for children prior to kindergarten—showed 78 percent of children had received all of the immunizations required by the state of Oregon. Those immunizations include DTap, Polio, Varicella, MMR, Hepatitis B and A and Hib. Kindergarten through 12 grade in the county reported 94 percent of students had been vaccinated.

South Lane School District lists its vaccination policy on its website which states, “By law, shots are required for children in attendance at public and private schools, preschools, childcare facilities and HeadStart programs.”

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) .267 requires full immunizations for contagious diseases. According to the state of Oregon, children with religious or medical exemptions do not have to be vaccinated.

Parents claiming a non-medical exemption must complete an E-module online, available on the state’s website, that feature information about immunizations and the spread of contagious diseases.

The Cottage Grove area did not have a school illustrated on the state’s information map that fell into the “safest” category with at least 95 percent of its students vaccinated. However, several areas in Lane County overall were marked in the category.

Neighboring counties, Roseburg and Linn, both had areas in the “safest” category as well but scored slightly lower than Lane overall.

While some students who do not receive all of the required vaccinations have received exemptions, accessibility to health care can also result in lower vaccination rates.

The Family Resource Center and Peggy’s Primary Connection in Cottage Grove is planning a vaccination clinic this fall. Parents who are unsure if they qualify for the Oregon Health Plan or have questions about other obstacles they face in obtaining the vaccinations they are choosing for their children can call Peggy’s Primary Connection at 541-942-4967.


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