Vision Keepers celebrate 10 years

For Gloria Campuzano it started when she filled out a survey in The Sentinel asking what her vision, as a resident of Cottage Grove, was for the community. 

Now, almost 10 years later and nearly as many years on the Vision Keepers board, she is helping to organize an event to mark the organization's first decade. 

The Vision Keepers is a committee appointed by the city to maintain focus on the 2037 Vision and Action Plan which details projects and improvements city officials and residents are hoping for by the year 2037. 

"Some of the things that were on the list are off and things like the (effort to install a) carousel have come on," Campuzano said. 

To mark a decade of effort, the Vision Keepers is hosting a community conversation on Feb. 27 beginning at 6 p.m. in the Cottage Grove High School cafeteria.

"Everyone is welcome," Campuzano said. "We will have delicious food and it's a nice conversation."

The top 12 projects around the city, according to the grou, include establishing a youth center, cultivate more emergency preparedness and obtain funds for a new aquatic center.

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