Voters to consider local options

A guide to what voters will see on the May 18 ballot

With ballots being mailed and official drop sites opening today, voters will have until May 18 to submit their ballots for this spring’s Special Election.

While many board positions such as those at Lane Community College (LCC) and South Lane School District (SLSD) are being contested (see story same page), several others remain uncontested.

Creswell School District and South Lane County Fire and Rescue (SLCFR) races, for example, may be foregone conclusions as none of the candidates are running with opposition.

In the Creswell board, both incumbents Mike Anderson and Lacey Risdal have refiled for their positions while Tim Rogers, who previously served on the board in Position 3 from 2013-19, is running for a seat being made vacant by David Eusted.

SLCFR seats seem to also be set as Debby Stumph, who was an applicant for the vacant Postion 4 position in January, is now running for a seat left open by Joel Higdon, who did not refile. Incumbents Dan Duffy, Thomas Munroe and newly-appointed Chris Holloman are also running unopposed for their respective seats.

Creswell School District Board

Position 4:

Mike Anderson (incumbent)

Position 5

Tim Rogers

Position 6

Lacey Risdal 



Position 1

Debby Stumph

Position 3

Dan Duffy (incumbent)

Position 4

Chris Holloman 

(incumbent; selected in 

January 2021 to fill a va-

cancy made in June 2020 

Term expires June 2021)

Position 5

Thomas Munroe 


SLSD and LCC boards, however, are seeing contested seats.

Each of SLSD’s board positions up for election this May are being defended by incumbents against challengers. The Sentinel has compiled these candidates’ opinions in a Q & A format found here.

The LCC board is also seeing a three-way contest for the Zone 1 seat between Thomas Jennings, Mark Boren and newly appointed incumbent Holli Johnson.

Zone 5 is a toss-up between Al King and Steve Mital as current director Chelsea Jennings has not refiled. Meanwhile, Zone 3 is seeing incumbent Mike Eyster running unopposed and Zone 4 is being sought by a single candidate, Austin Folnagy.

SLSD Board

Position 2

Taylor Wilhour 


Pam Duffy

Position 4

Sherry Duerst-Higgins 


Melanie Stuhlmiller

Position 5

Colleen Valley

(incumbent; appointed 

December 2020 to fill the 

vacancy for the remain

der of the term - June 


Erik Benson

LCC Board

Zone 1

Mark Boren

Thomas Jennings

Holli Johnson 


Zone 3

Mike Eyster (incumbent)

Zone 4

Austin Folnagy

Zone 5

Al King

Steve Mital

Lane Education Service District

The Lane Education Service District (ESD) finds two uncontested races for seats held by incumbents Sydney Shenk Kissinger and Vanessa Truett, however incumbent Rose I Wilde of the Position 6, At-Large seat is being challenged by Rich Cunningham, a budget committee member of Lane ESD.

Position 1, Zone 1

Sydney Shenk Kissinger 


Position 3, Zone 3

Vanessa Truett 


Position 6, At-Large

Rose I Wilde 


Rich Cunningham

Meanwhile, North Douglas candidates are running largely uncontested with the exception of Position 2 of the Yoncalla School District Board, where incumbent Trinity Benito is facing off against Della L Orcutt.

North Douglas School District

Position 2

Scott Gerrard 


Position 3

Trissie Penland 


Position 4

Janet Mulder

Position 5

Ty Olds

Yoncalla School District

Position 1

Cathey Grimes 


Position 2

Trinity Benito 


Della L Orcutt

Position 3

Dave Anderson 


Position 5

Jen Bailey (incumbent)

Elkton School District

Position 2

Sarah Wood 


Position 3

Lindsey Baker

Position 5

Daniel Burke 


Position 7

Doug Byle

North Douglas County 

Fire and EMS

Position 2

James Rogers 


Position 3

Rhonda L Sheets 


Measure #20-319

Voters will also see Measure #20-319 on their ballot this May, which supports 4-H and Oregon State University Extension programs in Lane County.

OSU Extension programs seek to address the needs of local communities such as food security, health, gardening and land stewardship. Among these, 4-H is a youth development program which gives young people hands-on learning experiences.

The measure seeks to continue and expand these services by implementing a local option tax of 2.8 cents per $1,000 of assessed land value for five years. 

For example, a property assessed at $200,000 would be charged $5.60 per year.

Note: Ballots for the May 18 Special Election are expected to begin arriving as early as today. Those who plan to vote by mail should plan to return their ballot no later than May 10 to assure their ballot arrives in time.

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