‘Why We Build’ project unveiled at Opal Center

The Suicide Prevention Coalition of Lane County (SPCLC) in cooperation with Lane County Public Health (LCPH) has launched Why We Build — a multi-media project sharing the stories of suicide attempt survivors.

The project was put on display at the Opal Center for Arts and Education in Cottage Grove on March 25.

The Why We Build project shares survivors’ stories in their own words — lives of joy, lives of hardship; lives that are all worth living. 

“We don’t talk about suicide nearly enough,” said Dan Isaacson, co-chair of the SPCLC. “With this project, people have the opportunity to learn about suicide from those with lived experience directly and in their own words. We hope this project connects with people who may be thinking about suicide themselves and caregivers so they can see that others in our community have been in similar situations and found ways to cope, heal and reconnect with life.”

In April, the exhibit will be showing in Springfield at the Emerald Arts Center at 500 Main St. It May, it will be showing in Florence at the Siuslaw Public Library at 1460 9th Street.

“Suicide is a serious public health problem in Lane County,” said Roger Brubaker, Suicide Prevention Coordinator for LCPH. “The Why We Build project is a new way of sharing the story of suicide in our community that invites people into conversations about suicide and the way we build meaning and connection in our lives. We encourage all people in Lane County to check out our website, attend a gallery installation and share this project with others. Helping others starts with understanding.”

Each year, roughly 2,000 people attempt suicide in Lane County.

The project contact Suicide Prevention Coordinator with Lane County Public Health Roger Brubaker, can be reached by phone at 541-515-4768 or email at roger.[email protected]


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