Wildfire prompts evacuation on Row River Road

Emergency responders shut down Row River Road as helicopters attempted to contain the wildfire.

Lane County Emergency Management has issued a Level 1 Evacuation notice on Row River Road between Dowens Road and Shoreview Drive due to a wildfire. Wireless reverse notifications have been made to area mobile phone users.

A wildfire broke out today on a mountainside across from Dorena Grange on Row River Road. South Lane County Fire and Rescue Fire Chief John Wooten was on the scene.

“The structures on the north side are what we’re focusing on right now with the Level 1 Evacuation” he said. “The Row River Trail is where we’ve stopped it so far on its progression down south, but we did lose one structure up there.”

Wooten estimated about 40 or 50 acres have been set ablaze as the fire continues to spread.

“It’s not under control,” he said. “We have probably zero containment on it right now.”

The fire is reportedly moving south and east, which is where emergency resources from Lane and Douglas counties are focusing attention.

Wooten stressed that the public should stay away from the scene. “We want people to stay out of the area,” he said.

Due to a high volume of onlookers on Row River Road and lack of response to clear the road, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office has made the decision to close the area until further notice.

It was not immediately clear if there were any deaths or injuries.