Will bring my own water to BMD in future — Letter to the Editor for Aug. 14, 2019

Will start bringing my own water to BMD

I’ve been having a great time attending local events this summer.  I especially enjoy the Wednesday concerts in the park and recently went to the concerts each night at Bohemia Mining Days.

Sadly though, this year the prices for beer and wine have gone up to the point that I won’t purchase either. I enjoy a couple of glasses of wine while listening to the music and watching people do their thing.

It was a little shocking to see that an approximately 5-oz. glass of wine is up to $8. That price takes a little of the enjoyment out of sipping. A nice glass at a restaurant, served in a wine glass is only $6 or $7.

A 750-ml bottle of wine holds 25 oz.  That means five glasses from an $8 bottle of wine would net $40 per bottle!

I am certain the wine being served is in the $9 to $11-per-bottle range, but even a $30 profit per bottle is pretty steep for the average consumer. At those prices, the vendors will make no money from me now. 

I only purchased one glass at that price and no tip (sorry servers.)

It’s not personal. If the price per glass was more reasonable, I would certainly buy one or two glasses and leave a tip.  That would be more money for the vendor and the server. Maybe the price can come back down and I will go back to buying a couple of glasses.

For now I have decided to just take my own water to BMD from now on.

—Kent Russo

Cottage Grove