Winter Season Honors

Many local athletes put together good seasons and were recognized at the end of the year by making the final conference selections. Here is the compiled list for the players who made all conference selections for basketball.

Cottage Grove: 

1st team: Jayden Cameron 

2nd team: Brennen Murphy

Honorable Mention: Carter Bascue 

Defensive team: Brayden Crump 

Player of the year: Gracie Arnold

1st team: Gracie Arnold

2nd team: Halle DeGarlis

Honorable Mention: Teanna Child, Emma Hitt, Kennedy Sturman-Royse

Defensive team: Kennedy Sturman-Royse


Coach of the year: Tyler Hollingsworth

1st team: Emme Whitson 

2nd team: Samairah Quinones, Dakota Carson 

Honorable Mention: Karinna Leonard, Emma Maness

Defensive team: Karinna Leonard

1st team: Conner Hanson

2nd team: AJ Hodge 

Honorable Mention: Max Velarde

Defensive team: Jack Nguyen

North Douglas: 

Player of the year: Samantha MacDowell 

Defensive player of the year: Brooklyn Williams

1st team: Samantha MacDowell, Brooke McHaffie

2nd team: Cydni Dill, Brooklyn Williams

Honorable Mention: Brooklyn Cyr, Asia Ward

Defensive team: Brooklyn Williams

1st team: Ray Gerrard, Keegan Mast

Honorable Mention: Logan Gant, 

William Duncan

Defensive team: Logan Gant