Your Letters to the Editor for Feb. 20, 2020

Naming Pet ‘Agent Orange’ is insensitive

After reading the “Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales” column titled “The Chicken Charmer” (Jan. 30) in the Cottage Grove Sentinel, I was shocked, dismayed and devastated.

Local resident Chris Perkins named an orange colored cat “Agent Orange.”

Agent Orange was a chemical defoliant sprayed extensively in Vietnam from 1962-1975. During my U.S. Army BOG (Boots on Ground) time of 1970-1971, I was witness to the devastation of Agent Orange, whch causes birth defects, diabetes, chloracne, liver and kidney failure.

Veterans Administration current data lists 27 A.O.-related health issues.

I have A.O. exposure damage.

There are many Vietnam veterans in Cottage Grove and Lane county with their personal stories of struggle with A.O.

No joke for me.

A.O. is truly bad stuff.

Please respect and honor all veterans for their service.

In my judgement and that of my fellow local veterans, Mr. Perkins’ name choice for his cat was insensitive and ignorant.

— David Kopachik, Larry Simelius, Mike Flint, Bob Currier and Earle Quinlan

Local veterans