Your Letters to the Editor for June 25, 2020

An open letter to my Fire Chief

Really? You say you would kill to protect property? Have you shot another human before?

Folks, these are stressful days and not the time to spew violence and anger on an unforgiving and unforgetting social media platform. 

Rant to a friend in private where their love and discretion will cover you.

Better still, examine your heart because your words reveal a dark and ugly treasure.

How much better to be standing in the confidence of your righteousness. Are you unjust or a bully? Perhaps you should change.

We are all here to learn and grow.

Show us a teachable heart that sees the image of God in all our fellow human beings.

Lead us in love.

—Sheila Hudson

Cottage Grove

Change is good until it goes overboard

I applaud NASCAR for banning the Confederate flag from its races, which was a move that has been a long time coming.

I can also understand why people in the South are removing Confederate statues, although I never gave any thought to a statute other than they are where pigeons poop.

But in some areas we are presently going overboard with the names of places. U of O wants to change building names; some individuals want to change the names of military base names like Ft. Polk (my basic training), Bragg and Hood.

We then have the renaming and logos on food products. I agree Aunt Jemima products and Uncle Ben’s Rice should have been renamed years ago. But it gets a bit out of hand with Land O’ Lakes removing the Indian Maiden from its logo.

Who is next on this ludicrous list? Navajo Freight Lines, Quaker Oats with a religious figure, black wild rice because it’s considered derogatory?

Change is good until it goes overboard.

—Winford Jolle 

Cottage Grove

Will they coming for Jefferson, Washington?

We are now in the “times that try men’s souls” of which Thomas Paine wrote. Will someone, anyone stand against the destruction of our sacred history by anarchists, radicals and the anti-government rabble mocking and abandoning American history by pillaging monuments of centuries of principled individuals named Columbus, Lee and other Confederate generals in the name of misdeeds?

Robert E. Lee fought for the cause of the Tenth Amendment over an all powerful federal government, which he detested.

At Appomattox, the army of the Potomac veterans saluted Lee before his meeting with General Grant in total respect for his honorable leadership during immensely trying times.

The defacement and decapitation of Columbus — that greatest of Italian explorers without whom we would be Europeans — is vile, childish and devoid of all perspective.

They are coming for Mr. Jefferson and the father of our country, which will completely debilitate western civilization — which seems to be the strategy. No more America for these midnight marauders with no heart, sense, historical perspective and certainly lacking doctrinal decency.

It is now or never; America or chaos. Who will stand?

John Adams said in his marvelous speech on Independence at Philadelphia, “Sir, we are in the midst of Revolution. There will be a great expense of blood gentleman. However I am not without apprehensions, sir ... but if I am to live, give me a country and a republic governed by laws, a free country.”

That Republic is in danger of extinction unless good men with the voice of a John Adams appear.

— Gerry Rutter

Cottage Grove