Your Letters to the Editor for March 26, 2020

We could use your help

Due to the current situation, a lot of people have found themselves out of work and stuck at home.

If you are one of those people and want something to do, we could use your help down here at Community Sharing.

We are still open and in need of volunteers as a few of our volunteers have opted to stay home until things settle back down.

If you’re interested, call 541-942-2176 or stop on by and ask for Glenn.

We look forward to meeting you! 

—Glenn Trujilo, Pantry Manager

Good people out there

We could all use good news.

I shopped at WalMart and Safeway last week trying to find some disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer for my wife, who is undergoing chemo treatment for her cancer.

Because her immune system is weakened we need to keep our place cleaner than average. WalMart  had lots of empty shelves, and Safeway was also out of the items I needed. 

I asked an employee if they might have disinfecting wipes in storage but was told they did not.  After that conversation, a nice young woman and her daughter approached to say they had some of those items at home and would get them for me and bring them back. 

I told them I wouldn’t feel right about taking their supplies. She insisted, saying they lived only a short walk away and would be right back. They were back shortly with the wipes, a bottle of hand sanitizer and a four-pack of toilet paper just in case we needed some.

They both politely refused my offer to pay.

I want to again offer my sincerest thanks, and remind others that there are good people around.   What a wonderful lesson the mother gave her daughter, although I’m sure the young girl had already learned kindness.

—Rex Lebow, Dorena

Virus economics

Having been in the restaurant business, I am aware of how slim are the margins that keep these small businesses in business. 

If a small restaurant is clearing 10 percent at the bottom line, they are doing very well; many realize less, even in the busier seasons. If, as is very likely, the current restrictions remain in effect through April, there will most likely be failures.

Should the problem continue through May, failures will become a near certainty. This impacts more than just the individual businesses. Our restaurants represent a significant factor in the draw of tourist and visitor traffic, particularly in the Historic District.

If, after the crisis abates, these establishments are gone, it will surely impact the local economy for some time to come.

Beyond honoring the recommendations to limit personal contacts, there is little we can do as individuals to fight the virus. What we can do is try and help our local merchants.

Once or twice a week, patronize restaurants that are offering take-out meals — even if you would not normally eat out quite that often. 

It might just provide the edge that allows for recovery.

—Jim Zahn, Cottage Grove