Your Letters to the Editor for May 8, 2019

Councilor’s outburst was an embarrassment

Mayor Gowing and Councilor Boone recently spent $6,000 to go to a conference in Washington D.C. and then reported virtually nothing about the trip.

So I attended the April 22 Cottage Grove City Council meeting to ask councilors to create a policy that says officials traveling at taxpayer expense are required to write a report as to the purpose of their travel. This would ensure that residents and future city councilors would know why that travel was necessary and what it accomplished.

What I got in response was what I view as verbal harassment by Councilor Mike Fleck, who accused me of being “angry” and then, while wagging his finger, “scolded” me (his word). He then wrongly claimed that Cottage Grove taxpayers who live outside City limits have no right to speak at Council meetings.

It is the right of all Grovers to expect financial accountability by public officials, and our duty to call it out when that accountability is ignored.

My thanks to Councilor Boone for at least making an effort to reply to my request and also to Councilor Solesbee for disciplining Mr. Fleck.

I felt Mr. Fleck’s rant was an embarrassment to the whole city council and to his constituents.

I feel he owes me, his fellow Councilors and all Cottage Grove taxpayers an apology for his failure to listen to what was being requested and his unprovoked outburst.

—Allan Katz

Cottage Grove taxpayer

Bennett Creek Road