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Building a Digital Defense With Passwords

Instead of using a short, complex password that is hard to remember… consider using a longer passphrase.

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Building a Digital Defense Against Bots

The bots start by targeting divisive issues big and small.

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Building a Digital Defense with How You Consume Information

It’s really important to consider the source of the information.

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"Hatchet" victim released

Cody Bradshaw released from hospital

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"Hatchet attack" victim released, police search for suspect

Victim of Tuesday's attack released

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Cottage Grove woman arrested for same crime one year later

Woman arrested on charges of contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor

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DMV warns of phishing scam

Scammers claim DMV fees and/or taxes must be paid immediately

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Drain robbery suspects nabbed

Drain Saw Shop suspects caught.

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