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Offbeat Oregon: Six Picknickers Fell Victim to a Japanese Balloon Bomb

A look back at fatalities in Oregon during WWII balloon bomb attack.

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Chatterbox: Never a dull moment in country living!

This year, the deer totally wiped out all the flower beds as soon as they bloomed!

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GUEST VIEWPOINT: What is in a name?

"Renaming this place Kalapuya County represents a purposeful shift in our historical narrative..."

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GUEST VIEWPOINT: What it means to be a neighbor

What leads us to consider a person our neighbor?

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Hello from the Sentinel's new editor

Sarah Glass invites readers to her navigate the path forward.

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Oregon's first newspaper, the “Flumgudgeon Gazette,” was written out longhand

What most Oregon history buffs don’t realize is, the Spectator wasn’t the state’s first newspaper.

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Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: Kat’s House Fire

Pet Tips 'n' Tales

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Turning the Page

Letter from the editor

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Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: Hysterical Snail Tales

Pet Tips 'n' Tales

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Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: Snail Mail

Pet Tips 'n' Tales

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Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: Covid Kitty Graduates

Pet Tips 'n' Tales

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Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: Tripod ‘Kitty’

Pet Tips 'n' Tales

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Chatterbox: April showers bring May flowers; but not peace

Betty Kaiser's Chatterbox

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Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: Medicine Horse

Pet Tips 'n' Tales

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Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: A Pup? A Toy? Or a Toy Pup?

Pet Tips 'n' Tales

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Grovers in the Know: “Why Are Homes So Expensive in Oregon?” Part 2

Grovers in the Know

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Letters to the Editor (April 7, 2022)

Letters to the Editor

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Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: How Is this Even Paws-ible?

Pet Tips 'n' Tales

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Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: Kyiv Kitty

Pet Tips 'n' Tales

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Offbeat Oregon History

This week's "Offbeat"

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Pet tips 'n' tales

This week's Pet tips 'n' tales

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Offbeat Oregon History: When old Portland flooded

The latest Offbeat Oregon History

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Pets Tips 'n' Tales

This week's Tips 'n' Tales

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Pet Tips 'n' Tales

Weekly pet column by Mary Ellen "AngelSribe"

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Offbeat Oregon History

This week's Offbeat History

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