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Thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses Among the Millions of Nazism’s Victims

Jehovah’s Witnesses, also then known as Bible Students, were “the only group in the Third Reich to be persecuted on the basis of their religious beliefs alone,” says Professor Robert Gerwarth. The Nazi regime branded Witnesses “enemies of the State,” according to historian Christine King.

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New Governor announces first priorities

Gov. Kotek Also Pledged to Increase Government Accountability, Issued a Call to Action for All Oregonians

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Annual State of the City Address

It is my goal to bring City leadership and citizens together. Your ideas, suggestions, and your voices are important. The belief that every person has something to offer in a community is at the core of what makes Cottage Grove, a twice recipient of the All-America City Award; so special.

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Un-housed overflow tent camp filling up

As the City of Cottage Grove’s Community Coordinator for 17-years, Teresa Cowan says desperate people in crisis are calling and walking into the office every day. Many of them are local people who have fallen on hard times. She said when housing becomes available, the move-in fees are a huge barrier for most of them.

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A Community Call to Action

Thankfully, an organizational structure is now in place to better mobilize “Genuine Grovers” of all ages and give them specific opportunities to share their abundance with those who have very little. To inspire and motive us, I plan to spotlight Grovers’ acts of kindness each week in the Sentinel and T.E.A.M. Cottage Grove’s Around The Grove weekly newsletter.

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Sentinel to change publication date to Fridays

To better serve our community and deliver a more quality product, The Cottage Grove Sentinel is moving its publication day. Starting next week on Nov. 18, The Sentinel will be published on Fridays.

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Weyerhaeuser Strikers receive community support 

The potluck dinner on Saturday October 15th at Opal Whitely Park on 7th and Main St and was followed by a benefit concert with local musicians at the Axe and Fiddle, where nearly $900 was raised for the strikers. Jonah Melton, a member of the I.A.M.A.W. local 246 and machine operator at the Cottage Grove Weyerhaeuser plant reflected on the event, “having the community stand behind and support us while we stand the line in these difficult times is an endearing experience. I really appreciate everyone at the Axe and Fiddle for creating, hosting, and speaking on Saturday.”

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FEMA proposes updates to the flood maps for Central Lane County with open house

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is proposing updates to the flood maps for Central Lane County and will be hosting open houses with specialists who can answer floodplain questions for residents.

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The Relevance of Newspapers

Oct. 3, 2022 — National Newspaper Week 2022

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Offbeat Oregon: Six Picknickers Fell Victim to a Japanese Balloon Bomb

A look back at fatalities in Oregon during WWII balloon bomb attack.

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Chatterbox: Never a dull moment in country living!

This year, the deer totally wiped out all the flower beds as soon as they bloomed!

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GUEST VIEWPOINT: What is in a name?

"Renaming this place Kalapuya County represents a purposeful shift in our historical narrative..."

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GUEST VIEWPOINT: What it means to be a neighbor

What leads us to consider a person our neighbor?

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Hello from the Sentinel's new editor

Sarah Glass invites readers to her navigate the path forward.

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Oregon's first newspaper, the “Flumgudgeon Gazette,” was written out longhand

What most Oregon history buffs don’t realize is, the Spectator wasn’t the state’s first newspaper.

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Pet Tips ‘n’ Tales: Kat’s House Fire

Pet Tips 'n' Tales

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A word from the Editor

A word from the Editor

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Celebrate Mother's Day by giving.

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Tips 'n' Tales

This week's Tips 'n' Tales

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Offbeat Oregon History

This week's "Offbeat"

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Pet tips 'n' tales

This week's Pet tips 'n' tales

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Offbeat Oregon History: When old Portland flooded

The latest Offbeat Oregon History

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Pets Tips 'n' Tales

This week's Tips 'n' Tales

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Pet Tips 'n' Tales

Weekly pet column by Mary Ellen "AngelSribe"

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Offbeat Oregon History

This week's Offbeat History

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