A baby... Squ-itten?

A baby squirrel fall from a tree and was "adopted" by Emme, a mother cat who welcomed the squirrel and cared for it like one of her kittens.

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New publication day coming for The Sentinel

Beginning Dec. 5, we’ll be changing our publication day to Thursdays so that we can bring you more timely news and information each week in our print edition.

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Harnessing your dog

As pet parents, Andy and Tracy Song said they treat their dogs like their kids. “So, when we went to the drawing board, we created something that was eye-catching and fun,” said Andy.

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Letter to the Editor for Nov. 6, 2019

Thanks to Sentinel for factual reporting

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Shared experiences are foundation of community

The moments we share lay the foundation of community for our children who, in turn, build on that foundation for the next generation of Grovers.

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Offbeat Oregon History

This week's "Offbeat"

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Pet tips 'n' tales

This week's Pet tips 'n' tales

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Offbeat Oregon History: When old Portland flooded

The latest Offbeat Oregon History

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Pets Tips 'n' Tales

This week's Tips 'n' Tales

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Pet Tips 'n' Tales

Weekly pet column by Mary Ellen "AngelSribe"

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Offbeat Oregon History

This week's Offbeat History

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