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State provides insurance tips for snowstorm, freezing temperatures

Winter storms can cause several different types of damage. Extensive damage, such as trees falling on a home or car, may require immediate attention.

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Post-flood safety tips

According to the World Health Organization, floods are the most frequent type of natural disaster, affecting more than two billion people worldwide between 1998 and 2017.

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Don’t miss a beat during a power outage

When a storm strikes or an accident knocks out electric power lines or other infrastructure, it may take much longer for power to be restored.

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The differences between weather warnings and watches

Meteorologists have many tools at their disposal to help forecast storms and other phenomena, but it is impossible to predict the weather with 100 percent accuracy.

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How much should you stockpile for an emergency?

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, each person should have a cache of supplies that can last up to two weeks.

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Protecting your Business

There’s more to protecting your business from a disaster than just your investment in property.

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Evacuations are a critical part of protecting those most important to you.

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Protecting Property

It’s important to keep and maintain a plan for your property year-round to ensure adequate coverage.

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